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shower sheets for nursing homes

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Skin Monitoring Comprehensive CNA Shower Review Perform a visual assessment of a resident s skin when giving the resident a shower. Resident Date Visual Assessment Bruising Skin tears Rashes Swelling Dryness Soft heels Lesions Decubitus Blisters Scratches Abnormal color Abnormal skin Hardened skin orange peel texture Other CNA Signature Date Does the resident need his/her toenails cut Yes No Charge Nurse Signature Date Charge Nurse Assessment Intervention Forwarded to DON Document available...
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To assist with a tub bath or shower first assess the patient's fall risk status good morning I am going to check your orders in the computer, and I'll be right with you okay review precautions concerning its condition and review the health care providers orders hello my name is Yolanda Hal and you know what is your name I'm Roger Carriers okay what is your date of birth February 27th of 1951 okay well I'm going to be giving you your bath today okay I haven't going to get one yeah you ready I think I am yeah yeah I go to an end of a chapter, so I'm good okay great thank you also if this intervention is still appropriate schedule the use of a tub or shower then check the tub or shower for cleanliness if needed clean it according to agency policy if you're using a rubber mat place it inside the tub or shower place a skid-proof disposable bath mat in front of it assure that all the necessary supplies and linens are available and indicate that the tub room is occupied with the patient wearing a gown robe and slippers assist him to the bathroom Mr Carriers I am going to show you in a call light which is after demonstrating how to use the call signal for assistance start the water running adjusting the temperature if it's too warm for the patient I want you to reach over and touch the water is warm enough for you also show him how to control the hot water do not use bath oil in the tub water goes to the left for hot and to the right for cold okay if the patient is taking a shower provide a shower seat or tub chair then turn on the shower and adjust the water temperature before the patient enters the shower stall instruct him to use the safety bars when getting in and out of the tub or shower and tell him he may not stay in the tub for more than 20 minutes place a bath towel over his shoulders and make sure bathing supplies are within reach check on the patient every 5 minutes be sure to knock before entering to respect his privacy hi Mr Carriers I'm letting you know as finds me to get out so assist the patient with getting out of the tub if the patient is unsteady drain the tub before he attempts to get out I'm going to unclog this up for you okay if possible have a shower chair ready for the patient to sit in so our health and drying you off okay all righty while helping the patient dry off observe his skin for any dryness redness flaking scaling or signs of breakdown remove your wet gloves perform hand hygiene and help the patient dress in a clean gown or pajamas slippers and a row then help the patient back to his room and into a comfortable position in bed or in a chair evaluate his tolerance of the bath or shower and his level of fatigue return to the bathroom and replace supplies in the appropriate storage area they clean the tub or shower according to agency policy place the soiled linen in a linen bag Applause when your finish remove and discard your gloves and move the door sign to open perform hand hygiene document the tub bath or shower...


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